Evaluation of Abstract

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by independent international experts based on the criteria which were approved by the ESCON 2018 Scientific Committee. Reviewers will evaluate abstracts and make recommendations based on the above criteria, with authors to be notified no later than 30st August, 2018.

The possible outcomes of reviewer evaluation are:

- Oral presentation at the Conference
- Poster presentation at the Conference
- Reject

The authors of the accepted abstracts will be invited to participate in the ESCON 2018 Conference during 3rd – 5th October 2018 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia either as presenters in sessions or poster presentation.

For abstracts selected for oral presentation in Conference sessions, the author may be required to adjust the scope of their presentation to fit with the session objectives, content and format.

For abstracts selected for poster presentation, the secretariat will inform the guidelines for preparing the poster.

Authors must register and submit conference fees in order to be included in the conference program.